The Early Years

1936 Les Porter with truckload of sheep

In 1943, Grahame Douglass Porter was born into an already established trucking business with his father Les, driving a 'Maple Leaf' carting sheep from the 'Downs' to Brisbane.

Les Porter with truckload of sheep

Les continued the business, going from strength to strength, and Grahame knew that trucks were going to be a big part of his future.

1960 Les Porter's fleet

In 1957, aged 14 years, Grahame left school and got a job in a butcher shop. He obtained his body truck licence two years later. His first employer as a truck driver was his father who put him into a 1951 Ford picking up cream from farms to be delivered to the Toowoomba butter factory.

Grahame obtained his trailer licence at 17 years of age and Les then put him into a 1957 model Ford carting livestock from western and southern Queensland to stock markets in Brisbane, Toowoomba and other selling centres.

1963 spread axle truck

Grahame continued driving for his father until in 1965 when a downturn in the economy meant less work and Les closed the business. He kept a truck and Grahame went half shares with his father. Grahame removed the stock crate and started carting grain from the 'Downs' to Sydney and bringing general freight back.


Beaver Commer Louisville

In 1976 Grahame bought his first new truck, a Ford Louisville, which he put to work carting general freight anywhere from southern Victoria through to far north Queensland. During this time, Grahame was gaining a reputation for his ability to deliver freight basically anywhere in Australia; on time and in good condition.

Forging Ahead

Grahame, with an increasing amount of freight of all descriptions, decided that road trains were the way of the future. He was delivering a lot of mining equipment to North-West Queensland and beyond as well as general freight to the many towns along the way.

In the early 1990's, Grahame set up 'Mt Isa Carriers'. He established depots in Brisbane and Pittsworth for the receival of goods to be delivered to Mt Isa and all places in between. He now provides a twice weekly return service Brisbane to Mt Isa.

2001 Porter's fleet

An increase in freight meant an increase in the number of suitable trucks and trailers able to handle the work load. It soon became apparent that another road train route needed to be established from Townsville to Mt Isa, servicing all areas in between. He established a depot in Townsville and from there provides a weekly return service with a triple road train.

Today, Grahame has upheld his reputation of being able to service all parts of Australia. The needs of his customers are of paramount importance and he prides himself on meeting his customer's needs with professionalism. He is committed to providing a freight service 'second to none'

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