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Mt Isa Carriers operates with a modern fleet of 22 trucks including Triple Road Trains, Body Trucks and Vans that cater to everyone’s needs.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the way we deliver to our customers. We are continually advancing our fleet, with new technology and safety as our major focus.

We are accredited with the National Heavy Vehicles Regulator (NHVR) which recognises operators who have robust safety and other management systems in place. All of our trucks have tracking technology, so we know the exact location of our trucks at all times.

As is the tradition with all the trucks in our fleet, each one is named after an Australian country song with favourites such as ‘Lonesome No.1’ and ‘Wasted Days & Wasted Nights’, not to mention the all-time hit of ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’.

three trucks
Mt Isa Carriers - Lonesome No 1

‘After All These Years’

Mt Isa Carriers - Lonesome No 1

‘Lonesome No. 1’

Mt Isa Carriers - Pushin Boundaries

‘Pushin Boundaries’

Mt Isa Carriers - Cracklin Rosie

‘Cracklin Rosie’

Mt Isa Carriers - Fire of Gidgee Coal

‘Fire of Gidgee Coal”

Mt Isa Carriers - Broken Halo Truck

‘Broken Halo’

Mt Isa Carriers - Mumma Tried

‘Mumma Tried’

Mt Isa Carriers - The bottle let me down

‘The Bottle Let Me Down’

Mt Isa Carriers - The Rose is for Today

‘The Rose is for Today’

Mt Isa Carriers - Turn me on, turn me up, turn me loose

‘Turn me on, turn me loose’

Mt Isa Carriers - Where country is

‘Where Country Is’

Mt Isa Carriers - Farmer Country

‘Forever Country’

Mt Isa Carriers - Wasted Days & wasted nights

‘Wasted Days & Wasted Nights’

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